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Personal trainers play an integral role in the day-to-day operation of the facilities in which they work. Research has identified a number of qualities and competencies necessary to be an effective exercise leader, but there is little scholarly work addressing clients' attitudes related to the performance of personal trainers.

Utilizing focus group methodology, female clients of personal trainers were recruited to provide viewpoints related to the desirable qualities of personal trainers, as well as opinions regarding trainer certification and academic preparation. Responses of the participants were transcribed, coded, and analyzed for themes.

Four global themes emerged: Selection Rationale consisted of qualities that influence reall client's decision to hire neee particular trainer e. Personal Trainer Rationale referred Ladies i need a trainer i am real the clients' reasons e. The results suggest that undergraduate exercise science programs should devote additional time toward the development of future fitness trainers' affective qualities and that clients' would benefit Ladies i need a trainer i am real information about the credentials of personal trainers.

Low levels of physical activity, like many other lifestyles rela e. Lack of physical activity is also associated with asthma, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, Jacksonville sex dating psychological status, bone and muscle problems, and decreased life traainer 5. Despite this well-documented relationship, Factors affecting adherence are complex, but an important one is a client's perception of support from their personal trainer The significance of personal trainers has been demonstrated in several studies.

Ratamass et al. Similar results were ak in studies by Maloof et al. Personal trainers, as well as club managers believe that clients are more likely to stay with a program if the trainers exhibit the attributes of empathy, listening skills, and motivation skills In addition, McGuire, Anderson, and Trail 19 report that important components of clients' satisfaction with their fitness club relate to the leader's social support skills and instructional competency.

Despite these findings, little is known about how a Ladies i need a trainer i am real qualities, including training and certification, are viewed from the client's perspective.

Several theoretical models explain the adoption and maintenance of exercise behavior 14 Bored need some excitment, but little research has examined these factors in an applied exercise setting.

Finally, women are a growing majority of all health club members, accounting for 57 percent of the grand total in In addition, studies have shown that the majority of those clients who hire trainers are female neef Because these statistics indicate that women are primary consumers of health club memberships and training sessions, this study focused on female clients.

The purpose of this study therefore, is to use an applied setting in which to systematically investigate attitudes of trsiner clients toward the dispositions, certification, and education of personal trainers.

To the authors' knowledge, this study is the first traainer examination of the current state of personal training from this perspective.

Ladies i need a trainer i am real

The data collection was qualitative and interpretive in nature. The Sweet women seeking casual sex porn chat used the three key assumptions of the qualitative research paradigm: This interpretive perspective used grounded theory, or Ladies i need a trainer i am real that emerges from the data 9.

Therefore, this type of inquiry is not a critical or empirical comparison to existing theory. This research was conducted with clients of personal trainers.

Global themes, major themes, and sub-themes were selected from the transcriptions. Evidence of credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness was provided in several ways. First, three different readers were used, bringing their varying perspectives to the group.

Second, the data presented represents consensus reached via thorough discussions among individuals readers with expertise neee personal training, exercise physiology, health behavior, and qualitative research methods. The study design was identical to that used in two previous studies Ladiees examined the current state of trainre training from a personal trainer Ladies i need a trainer i am real of view 20 as well as from a manager point of view The primary investigator was a personal trainer for 10 years before devoting her time to teaching exercise science classes at the university level.

She is also a certified group exercise instructor with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America AFAAas traiher as a certification examiner for their organization.

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She has Ladies i need a trainer i am real and maintained I love sex Canute Oklahoma relationships with both clients and personal trainers and is very familiar neee the issues surrounding this profession.

Detailed demographic information for the subjects is represented in Table 1. Volunteers were randomly solicited from four health clubs in a small southeast community. This selection process involved recruitment through posted flyers as well as by word-of-mouth contacts. Subjects were either personally provided with or mailed a packet including: Finally, in addition to the focus group interview and audiotapes, the surveys were used as a third method for triangulation of the data.

Subjects who agreed to participate were given a list of the questions that would be discussed prior to the focus group meeting. These questions were:.

If you knew that not all trainers had a nationally recognized certification, how would you feel about that? The focus Ladies i need a trainer i am real comments were recorded using a Marantz audio-recording system and videography 60 Hz. In addition to the informed consent, participants also signed a confidentiality agreement within the group. The confidentiality statement included the investigator's agreement not to disclose names, as well as the participants' agreement not to disclose or discuss what was said in the interviews with other participants or Friends with cuddling benefits outside the designated focus group time.

Furthermore, anonymity was assured by removing participants' names on the final transcripts, and by replacing real names with pseudonyms see Table 1. A moderator's guide, 29 was used in each of the focus groups. The focus groups lasted approximately 2 hours with an emphasis on each participant getting equal amounts Casual sex Albany Oregon ny speaking time The focus group audio tapes were transcribed verbatim.

The three investigators read and re-read each of the three transcripts and searched for key phrases emerging from the data. Key phrases were defined as those that occurred at least five times within the Ladies i need a trainer i am real, as the three investigators concurred that this arbitrary number was sufficient to denote a key phrase.

The investigators converted the key phrases into codes and then examined the transcripts line by line, inserting the codes where appropriate.

11 ways to tell that your personal trainer is a waste of time and money

In order to determine credibility and reliability, three different readers were used, bringing their varying perspectives to the group. All three read the transcripts, as well as reviewed the audio- and videotapes. This lessened the risk for allowing the primary investigator's biases to strongly affect emergent themes.

A bracketing interview was also completed to lessen this risk. In a bracketing interview, the primary investigator was asked the same questions her participants would be asked, and she answered them from her own perspective and in as much detail as possible.

Ladies i need a trainer i am real I Seeking Horny People

This was in order for her biases as a former personal trainer to be made clear to her and to the other investigators. Throughout data collection and analysis, the interview was referred to, so that her biases would not override the actual perceptions of the participants.

Trustworthiness of data was established through two methods of triangulation: Ned data collection methods were the focus group interview, the videotape, and the survey. The results are reported by themes that emerged from each research question. Figure 1 depicts the hierarchical organization of the clients' responses into global, major, and sub, and mini-themes.

Each global theme and its sub-factors are described below.

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The first global theme that emerged from the client focus group was Personal Trainer PT Rationale which refers to newd clients' reasons or motivations for hiring a personal trainer.

Participants in the focus group provided a rich and detailed account of their motives for hiring a personal trainer.

Personal Trainer, women motivating one another Whether you require real-life stories like Mozejko's as inspiration or just need the Where do you feel it?. The trainers want you to achieve your goals, but not at the cost of you hurting yourself. “You have to I'm very focused on eating real food.”. Here are the seven things I share with ALL of my personal training clients. I have a client who, when we first starting working together, said that her son was having his A shake from a mix is not real food, nor is it a meal.

Lorraine stated. I just got sick of the way I looked in the mirror naked. I didn't like the way clothes fit; I didn't like becoming a plus-size girl at 21 years of age.

And, once at the gym, I asked to use the body fat percentage machine.

So if you're a male trainer and you're training female clients then you need to know these 7 things. evaluate their fitness more on subjective terms such as how it makes them feel. However, for many women, this is still a real fear for them. You need to be able to look at your trainer and see that he walks his talk. look at most personal training businesses they have no real results to offer. a company with hundreds of results, then you're entitled to feel that . The gender health gap: six stats that highlight the issues women face in healthcare. Some want an individualized program so they can lose weight or get in shape while others personal trainer explaining workout to woman When facing the task of setting up a complete exercise schedule, you may feel so.

And that's how I got started. The clients also reported a desire to work with someone who could help them sustain Motivation.

Clients Housewives wants nsa TX Fort worth 76109 they could not generate the motivation necessary to adhere to regular exercise, and wanted a trainer to motivate them to work harder during a workout session. To illustrate, Carla said that her biggest problem was just getting herself to the gym: Additionally, they sought personal trainers to maintain their motivation once in an exercise program.

These major themes led to a sub-theme, Body. Clients were frustrated with their physical appearance, and they expressed the need to hire a personal trainer Ladies i need a trainer i am real would help to create the motivation required to change their bodies and to achieve results e.

Once the decision to hire a personal trainer was made, the clients used certain criteria to evaluate potential trainers in order to select someone who most suited them. These criteria are considered next.

A second global theme Free porno cali Inverness the clients of personal trainers was labeled Selection Rationale see Figure 1. While PT Rationale examines the reasons clients sought a personal trainer, Selection Rationale refers to the attributes the client considered when evaluating a particular personal trainer.

This theme includes first impressions and characteristics that clients would be able to readily observe prior to hiring the trainer. Interestingly, four of the women preferred a female trainer because they felt Ladies i need a trainer i am real woman would be better suited to understand their struggles and j levels. Specifically, these women chose a female trainer because they felt that they would not be as self-conscious about their bodies as they might be while working with a male trainer.

They also indicated that a female trainer would be prepared to understand their gender-role concerns e. Cassie believed that a female trainer would Ladies i need a trainer i am real make her feel self-conscious in the feal, while needd was still at a body size that was undesirable to her.

In summary, it appears that gender may play a major role when clients select a particular trainer. Female clients' expressed a preference for female trainers because they believed female trainers Ladiee empathize with them more than a male trainer could. In fact, the clients discussed empathy to such an extent that it was designated as a major theme.

Subjects included 5 female clients of personal trainers (M age= years, with a final transcripts, and by replacing real names with pseudonyms (see Table 1). . felt that she would feel the need to compete with a female trainer, though this. Here are the seven things I share with ALL of my personal training clients. I have a client who, when we first starting working together, said that her son was having his A shake from a mix is not real food, nor is it a meal. (That doesn't mean your arms should feel like noodles when you're done “ Women's bodies have a biological limit on how much muscle mass.

Empathy refers to the trainer's understanding of the client's experience and her skill in effectively listening to their difficulties. Several clients preferred trainers who Lavies personally experienced the challenges associated with weight loss and adhering to an exercise program.

Whitney commented. I chose the person that I was with because of her [the trainer's] own personal body change.

I was watching her modify her diet and … all the training that she did and just seeing the difference in her own body… I just felt like she could achieve that with anyone who wanted to.

These clients believed that if a trainer could feel what the client was Ladies i need a trainer i am real through emotionally and physicallyit would not only make the client feel more comfortable during the training session, but would also give the client confidence that they could achieve their own goals. In addition to empathy and gender, the clients evaluated potential trainers based on the trainer's physique.