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Let me go on record here: I don't understand the point of the Hollaback video. In case you've been on Neptune for the past week or two, here's the story. An actress, Shoshana B.

Roberts, took a casual hour stroll through New York City neighborhoods while a video producer, Rob Bliss, accompanied her. Using a small portable camera strapped to his back, Hello men and women surreptitiously filmed her as walked in front of her while she held two microphones in her hands.

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In order to create a neutral and unassuming appearance, Ms. Roberts dressed casually, in jeans and a black crewneck T-shirt. The Hello men and women two-minute or so compilation tape, produced by a viral-video marketing agency, revealed the following: Men noticed Shoshana.

The team recorded some "catcalls," and the edited piece highlights this "street harassment. I've watched the compilation several times. Heplo

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Before I go any further, I admit that whatever catcalling I may have been personally subjected to--which Garrard KY housewives personals minimal and immaterial--is long in my rearview mirror. Then again, I didn't work Hello men and women a large metropolitan area as a young woman and walk the streets daily to go about my life. And since I'm not an attractive actress in my 20s in Manhattan, I have no idea what women like Shoshana hear Hwllo public every day.

But if this tape represents that experience and widespread "harassment," I'm very confused. My only reference is the compiled evidence, documenting this "pervasive issue Heloo women around the world.

Hello men and women Tribbiani Friends is alive Hsllo well in New York. Several of the men who spoke to Shoshana offered his familiar catchphrase, "How you doin'?

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In the unenlightened '90s, we used to think this was amusing. Were there some greetings that were more aggressive, more jen charged? Several men said "Damn!

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I can only assume the video offers a representative sampling of her day. If Hlelo true, out of the or so, 2 percent of the guys were stalker-ish, although, given the public setting, not overtly threatening her harm.

A little scary and uncomfortable, for sure, and in Hello men and women more remote area, they would be frightening. Then again, if a man is intent on overpowering a woman, he will, Hello men and women of the setting.

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Ask Carlesha Freeland-Gaither. But these two don't represent the majority by a long shot. Call me naive, znd many of the men were what we used to call "friendly. Help me understand this.

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If a man--a stranger--says, "How are you this morning? What if he says, "God bless you--have a good day, alright? Too aggressive and intrusive? But here's the thing: It's not all men.

It's not even most Hello men and women.

Shoshana probably passed thousands while being taped for 10 hours and heard from just over of them, so it's fair to say only some men do this.

And maybe it's only "offensive" when it comes from a stranger.

Some of these very same comments from men she knows, the guy selling bagels, the one filling the fruit stand, the bus driver--men she encounters every day on her typical and regular route--would not be Hello men and women in a negative way. So we've learned Hello men and women following: Over the period of 10 hours in a city like New York, a young, attractive woman will be subjected to come-ons and unsolicited comments, from some men.

She will also encounter a few strange guys who don't know how to meet women and therefore behave inappropriately.

The New Mn Herald tried to replicate the video, and just Hello men and women men approached the woman: Renee A. James works at Rodale Inc. Her essays were included in the humor anthology, Wimen She invites you to Like her Facebook pagewhere she celebrates--and broods about--life on a regular basis, mostly as a voice in the crowd that shouts, "Really? You're kidding me, right? For more from Maria Rodale, visit www. Real Life.

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What to say after you say hello to a girl will determine how successful you are. before from it at some point, especially in the presence of beautiful women. Some men have claimed it's not that big of a deal, some women have claimed that the male perspective is invalid because they could never. The noun phrase following an interjection such as 'hello' restricts the intended audience, thus 'hello, boys and girls,' is appropriate when the.

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Part of HuffPost News. All rights reserved. Skip to Article. Profile-Icon Created with Sketch. Fill 8 Copy 2 Created with Sketch. By guest blogger Renee James, humorist and blogger.

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Suggest a correction. Don't Be Embarrassed, It's Normal. The Good Life.